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 Oreo 'Magnetism' Commentary:


The scene opens with the cow in the field and creates a typical onset response. As the udders begin to move, a large response in the left-temporal lobe occurs. This elicits a response from the left-auditory cortex to the sound. The next repetition of the udder movement creates an even larger response from the left-auditory cortex and activation of the superior-parietal lobe. This pattern repeats itself with each udder movement. The camera angle changes to reveal the nipples of each utter which activates the right-inferior-frontal lobe (emotion processing). As the udders continue to sway, we see continued activation of the right-inferior-frontal lobe and superior-parietal lobe. The appearance of the boy with the Oreo produces right-temporal lobe activation. Each laugh from the boy produces synchronized right-temporal-lobe activation (emotional processing) to the sound. When the tagline appears ‘Milk’s favorite cookie’ we see activation of the left-temporal lobe (language processing).


The most noticeable aspect of this ad is the tightly coupled brain responses with the events of the advertisement. This ad was the highest recalled spot in the study and a high degree of attention was paid to the events of the subsequent appearance of the logo and product. The brand name ‘Oreo Cookie’ was the dominant response during the recall.


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