JetBlue® 'Seat Monster' Commentary:


In first 2 seconds of the ad is an orienting response on the main character.  At 3 seconds through 5 seconds, a large activation of both the left and right-parietal-occipital lobe occurs. When the seat leans back at 7 seconds, a response from viewers takes place and increases as the chair turns into a ‘seat monster’. When the monster swallows the main character, a decrease of activity takes place as a visually complex transition occurs. As he lands in the new airplane seat a large occipital cortex event dominates the activity. When the new passenger in front of the main character begins to put his seat back, an even larger response occurs in the inferior-frontal lobe bilaterally, as well as the left-orbital-frontal cortex. These areas of the brain are involved in emotional processing and anticipatory responses. That is the largest peak of the advertisement. When the passenger does not get eaten by the seat, the frontal response disappears.

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