Shopper Insight


One of the most exciting technological milestones accomplished by Sands Research is the ability to send study participants out into the real world. The EEG and Eye-tracking data is collected using a 68 channel cap, miniature binocular eye cameras and a single tiny scene camera, all powered by lightweight battery packs in a small hip bag or purse. Our Shopper Insight research typically focuses on:


  • Purchase Decision Behavior


  • Planogram and Shelf Navigation


  • Categorical Engagement


  • Display Effectiveness (Attract, Engage and Convert)

Examples of Beneficial Outcomes


  • Determine the statistical correlations between behaviors, brain responses and categories, along the path to purchase


  • Determine best package design during shelf navigation (both real and virtual)


  • Gain a non-verbal understanding of the drivers influencing purchase behavior (emotion, etc.)


  • Optimization of POP displays and category markers through investigation of eye-tracking, in combination with the neural responses.

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