Television and Video Advertising Research


Sands Research has recorded brain activity of thousands of study participants, collecting data from over five hundred advertisements, television episodes, and movie trailers. This substantial proprietary normative database is used in each study to show how the media being tested compares neurologically across the industry. The Neuro Engagement Score (NES) is our scoring system which measures overall neurological engagement.


Whether your an ad agency, a market research firm, or a corporate market intelligence professional, our analyses give a foundation for decisions. Sands Research provides you with a crisp data set that helps you insure your target audience not only heard your message, but that it emotionally engaged the right demographic to reinforce the branding moments for both short and long-term growth.


From the storyboards and animatics to finished advertisements and full-length television episodes, our data collection techniques allow for clear neurological (68 channel EEG) acquisition, simultaneous with eye-tracking data to isolate and reveal the media's engaging, and not-so-engaging moments. Frame by frame and second by second, the analysis delivers strategic insights for the current and future projects. When utilized during the editing phase of development, our data set can detail where your story fell off the neurological timeline, or when it created growing interest and emotional engagement.


Curious about how your media stacks up against competitors? We include competitive analysis with every study to provide clarity and insight within your own advertising niche.



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