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Wall St. Journal and AdWeek Agree with Sands Research #1 Ranking


El Paso, Texas – Sands Research Inc. (SRI), a leading provider of neuroscientific market research services and technology, announced today that the recent rankings by the Wall Street Journal and AdWeek of the best television commercials of 2011, confirmed SRI’s rating of Volkswagen’s “The Force” as the top advertisement in their Annual Super Bowl Neuro-Engagement Ad Study and the benefits of neuromarketing based market research.


"Our Company revealed earlier this year that Volkswagen’s "The Force" was the top, #1 Super Bowl ad in our annual study of all the commercials run during the Super Bowl.  The spot by Deutsch LA ran away with the highest Neuro-Engagement Score (NES) that we have ever obtained in the thousands of commercials we have tested," stated Ron Wright, President / CEO of Sands Research Inc.


Within the last two weeks, both the Wall Street Journal and AdWeek announced that the VW Ad was considered the best television spot produced this year and became the most viewed advertisement on YouTube. As AdWeek reported: "44 million views on YouTube, a reported 6.8 billion impressions worldwide, more than $100 million in earned media". The WSJ added: "The new VW Passat (advertised in the commercial) had more sales in its first two months in the market than the last Passat model sold in all of 2010".


AdWeek stated:  "The spot, while visually strong, isn't a wonder of craft or technique. It's a triumph of fun, unadorned storytelling, which clearly goes a long way. Few ads in history have been as charming, as clever, as perfectly paced, or as well loved as this. Simply the best of 2011."


Wright noted that neuromarketing research methodologies employed by Sands Research identified this strong response while the traditional USA Today Super Bowl Admeter failed to select the VW spot and placed ads by Doritos and Bud Light higher on their ranking.  These advertisements were not recognized as outstanding commercials by industry followers.  “The power of utilizing neuromarketing in market research to identify excellent and memorable commercials continues to grow.”  Wright added. “On a frame-by-frame, millisecond-by-millisecond basis, we can measure the emotional engagement and success of the spot’s storyline. From storyboard to final production, neuromarketing assists the creative staff to identify viewer response and how to optimize key branding moments”.


Sands Research will be conducting their Fifth Annual Ranking of the Most Neuro-Engaging Super Bowl Ads this coming February.  Previous year’s rankings can be found on the Sands Research website at


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