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                       Pepsi's "King's Court" Takes the Crown in Sands Fifth Annual Super Bowl Ranking


                        TBWA/Chiat/Day’s creative knocks Deutsch LA out of Top Spot and takes the #1 and #2 Positions


For Immediate Release – El Paso, TX – Leading neuromarketing firm Sands Research Inc. announced today that it has completed its annual comprehensive study gauging the effectiveness of Super Bowl commercials. The 2012 results were compiled using electroencephalography (EEG) recordings with simultaneous eye-tracking data gathered from a national sample of study participants to measure overall engagement and emotional response to the annual advertising event.


“Pepsi’s Super Bowl spot with Sir Elton John, Melanie Amaro and Flavor Flav provided an excellent storyline and edged out another good Pepsi storyline commercial (Pepsi Max Checkout)” stated Dr. Stephen Sands, Chairman and Chief Science Officer at Sands Research. “Last year Deutsch LA’s The Force advertisement with little Darth Vader elicited such a strong emotional response and it ranks as the highest we have ever tested. This year Deutsch missed the mark with a good storyline in VW’s The Dog Strikes Back but confused the viewer by switching to a Star Wars bar scene at the end.“


Participants in the annual Sands Research Super Bowl Ad Neuromarketing Study wear an EEG cap and view the commercials on the SensorMotoric Instruments (SMI) eye-tracking system.  This allows Sands to record each viewer’s non-verbal brain response on a millisecond by millisecond basis and sync exactly where and at what level their attention is at that millisecond.  This methodology allows a much more granular level analysis of the Super Bowl Ads compared to the simple Ad Meter type measurements used by USA Today and others.


Using its proprietary Neuro Engagement Score (NES)™, the company ranked these spots and 68 other commercials. The top five ads, their creative agency and respective scores are as follows:


#1: Pepsi – King’s Court / TBWA/Chiat/Day (6.32)

#2: Pepsi Max – Checkout / TBWA/Chiat/Day (5.81)

#3: Hyundai – All For One / Innocean Worldwide Americas (5.72)

#4: Volkswagen – The Dog Strikes Back / Deutsch LA (5.43)

#5: Honda – Matthew’s Day Off / RPA (5.43)


Bottom three ads are as follows:

#68: Century 21 – Smarter.Bolder.Faster / Red Tettemer + Partners - (2.04)

#67: Chevy Volt - Aliens / Goodby Silverstein & Partners (2.14)

#66: Career Builder – Business Trip / In House (2.14)

Sands Research showcases their copyrighted NeuroMedia software report format each year.  The format for video copy testing provides a timeline for simultaneous display of the Company’s Neuro-Engagement Score (NES) and Emotional Valence Score (EVS) plus the eye-tracking data overlaid on the actual commercial.  To the right of this display are the six views of the brain and highlights which areas of the cortex are activated on a millisecond by millisecond basis.


“The theme again this year for the top Super Bowl commercials is creating an engaging and emotional storyline that the viewer can quickly grasp.” stated Dr. Sands. “Sophomoric humor provides the viewer with a quick laugh but goes no where in memory retention.  Brand placement at that emotional high point is also key to viewer recall.  Everyone remembers that Mean Joe Green was holding a Coke when he tossed his jersey to the little boy in the all time classic Super Bowl commercial.”


Full rankings, videos of the highest scoring 2012 Super Bowl commercials, and past year’s results are available at


Members of the press may obtain expanded information and results by contacting Ron Wright by email at or by phone at 703-663-0757. All others may contact or call 888-267-6087 Ext. 812.


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